The Negotiation Factor

Several years ago, based on my experience of many years as a scholar first and corporate lawyer after, I wrote a book (“The Principle of Relevance“) which discussed the implications of information overload, the idea that the key differentiating factor was the ability to process large quantities of information, and how to switch from a linear processing model to a multi level processing model. Many things have come to pass since then, and my interest with information has since then evolved into something different.

Also through the process of writing about information processing, and the many engagements that followed, I have come to the realization that our world is a shifting one. It is a time where information, technology and ideas are so freely and easily available, that access to information – and perhaps also the ability to process that information – while it may be the key challenge for companies – met now by “big data” solutions – is no longer the key factor for individuals.

The key differentiating factor is, truly, the human factor. The ability to engage in meaningful, productive, lasting relationships and partnerships. The ability to engage in a circle of commitment while yet keep engaging with the world. The ability to understand another individual’s background, interests and worries. And, ultimately, the ability to negotiate for change, and for a reciprocal meeting of interests.

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