Counsel as a Service (CaaS)

Legal departments increasingly face headcount and budgetary pressures and have limited budget for outsourced legal services.   Hiring a traditional law firm for day to day work may not be a feasible solution as the hierarchic structure (typically partner + associate + trainee) coupled with hourly rates, in return for a service which may often not be tailored to the real business needs does not seem for many entrepreneurs and inhouse counsel the right solution. On the other hand there may not be sufficient work or budget to hire a permanent inhouse resource.

This is why we have created a special type of service, which we named Counsel as a Service (CaaS).

In this context, we advise inhouse legal departments, entrepreneurs, management teams, and boards of directors on essentially all legal matters, including commercial transactions, corporate governance, intellectual property and mergers & acquisitions.

With Stefania Lucchetti’s extensive cross border and project management experience, we can assist in managing for you recurrent overseas legal assistance (including managing local counsel) with a business-minded focus.

CaaS is billed as a predictable recurring monthly flat fee based on the type and quantity of work required.

This enables the business to benefit from experienced and business-minded assistance and advice with respect to ongoing operational and transactional matters, without the overhead and inefficiencies which are inevitable with a traditional law firm approach and without the risks and fixed budget needed for hiring a full time inhouse resource.

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