To Share or Not to Share: the Big Data Dilemma

Dear Friends, The new year has rolled by and so has a new decade.  As expected, Artificial Intelligence has been the talk of the week, with analysis of past and current AI developments, predictions for the future and challenges being discussed through the net. I read quite a few articles this week with predictions for …

Why Artificial Intelligence Will Need a Legal Personality

The development of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) is an exciting, relentless reality which is slowly making its way out of science fiction movies and into our mundane world. Furthermore, people and technology are increasingly interacting at an individual, daily level.  The increased occasions of interaction between human and AI systems have great potential not …

La Negoziazione nella Contrattualistica Cross-Border

Le trattative svolte in un contesto internazionale e inter-culturale aggiungono un'intera nuova dimensione al tavolo negoziale in quanto coinvolgono anche differenze nel linguaggio del corpo, sfumature nella comprensione linguistica e nell’espressione di consenso o dissenso, l'essere o meno a proprio agio culturalmente con l'espressione diretta di disaccordi, le aspettative implicite di quale dovrebbe essere il risultato della negoziazione o di come dovrebbe essere gestito il processo. Una negoziazione cross border coinvolge tutti questi aspetti, oltre che la necessità di acquisire le informazioni tecniche necessarie per comprendere e gestire in modo ottimale gli aspetti giuridici tecnici della struttura contrattuale da implementare. In questo senso, vi è un lavoro prioritario e preliminare, che consiste nel formulare dei processi condivisi, prendere conoscenza per quanto possibile delle diversità nella normativa di riferimento, e costruire cosi un linguaggio comune che consenta una reale comprensione e fiducia al tavolo negoziale.

Pari Opportunità-Governance e Relazioni di Gestione

E' un'iniziativa tanto attuale quanto futuristica, di quelle che si possono definire groundbreaking nell'ambito della corporate governance quella presa da Luca Rossetto, CEO di che nella relazione annuale degli amministratori sulla gestione (relazione degli amministratori ex art. 2428 (1)) dall'anno 2018 indica quali politiche di pari opportunità sono state attuate ma anche, in pratica e nel concreto e …

The Ongoing Search for Ethical Principles in Artificial Intelligence – the OECD Principles

In the past few years, companies, government organizations and dedicated research institutions have attempted to create principles and guidelines for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in view of constructing and ethical framework for the development of AI. The most notable efforts are those of the EU Commission and most recently the OECD which put forward inclusivity, transparency, disclosure, respect for human rights and democratic principles, security and accountability. The next step will be the development of metrics and parameters. The difficulty with regulating AI is setting out rules which are practical and flexible enough to stay relevant.  The rules also need to be coherent and consistent with other areas such as privacy and security. This however should not impair or diminish current efforts.  We believe that while any principles and practical rules set out now will likely be outdated in a short time as the technology evolves they are nonetheless essential as they will form the the basis for future development and upgrading.

Singapore Convention on Mediation

A representation of 70 countries attended a signing ceremony and conference in Singapore on 7 August to support the international treaty and 46 countries are expected to sign (the convention will not come into force until three states have ratified it). The EU's position is uncertain at this stage. The European Commission is assessing whether …

Standard vs Tailored – The Art of Giving Advice

Advising a client on a transaction, a negotiation or a situation is a completely different skill to the production of standard documents. The ability to give advice - sound, experienced, sensible adviced tailored to the client's situation and the client's objectives and priorities is a core skill of a good lawyer, a real competency which is often underestimated.

Cross Border Matrimonial Property and Assets

#CrossBorderFamilyAssets are often very difficult to deal with after a divorce or death. As individuals are increasingly mobile international couples (couples with same citizenship living abroad, couples of different citizenship living in the country of residence of one of the members, or couple of different citizenship living in a third country) need clear rules, Within the EU, Council Regulations (EU) 2016/1103 (applying to matrimonial property regimes) and (EU) 2016/1104 (applying to property consequences of registered partnerships) have attempted to give legal certainty to couples by providing conflict-of-law and jurisdiction rules in this respect. For cross border couples outside the EU, the situation is more complex and a case by case practical approach is required.

Cross Border M&A; when to opt for a minority stake in a cross border joint venture

Whether your company has engaged in successful joint venture activities for years, or it is new to joint ventures, there is always an element of uncertainty when deciding to enter into a cross border joint venture, whether the objective is to expand reach and distribution of the company's products and services in highly developed countries, …

Italian law gives legal value to blockchain and smart contracts

[Versione italiana] A leap forward has been done by Italian Law No 12/2019 (the "Law") - published on 11 February 2019 - which completed the conversion procedure of Law Decree No 135/2018, better known as Decreto Semplificazioni. The Law introduces a definition of Distributed Ledger Technologies and Smart Contracts and sets out the legal effects deriving from …