Commercial Contracts

Business Contracts are our bread and butter.  Our technical and practical experience, as well as our negotiation abilities will take your contracts to the next level.

This is why:

  • We have real, wide knowledge of a range of industrial sectors. We truly understand key contractual issues and are able to focus on priorities while safeguarding your interests.
  • We have drafted contracts for over 20 years for any kind of commercial projects, in innumerable jurisdictions
  • We have seen work also from the perspective of the in-house counsel, giving us a thorough understanding of the peculiarities of each company and industry sector and the challenges faced by in-house counsel
  • Although we provide nice-to-look at documents, and sound technical architecture, our focus is not on the production of documents but on practical solutions which allow for your contract to be workable, and enforceable in the way that you wish, taking into account the real key issues of your business
  • We have outstanding negotiation abilities, and we can assist you in negotiating and closing any kind of contract, any kind of transactions

We will give you the best advice on every kind of commercial contract: from complex cases outside of your normal commercial experience (outsourcing contracts, for example) to ordinary operations, such as revising existing contracts, drafting and reviewing general sales and purchase conditions for goods and services, handling your supply chain contracts, as well as issuing and participating in bids for supply and procurement contracts.

We are adept at working alongside in-house counsel as well as the people who handle contractual relations: purchasing departments, sales departments, site managers, etc.

Thanks to our international experience as well as our worldwide network of law firms we can advise you on drafting contracts governed by foreign national laws.

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