Singapore Convention on Mediation

A representation of 70 countries attended a signing ceremony and conference in Singapore on 7 August to support the international treaty and 46 countries are expected to sign (the convention will not come into force until three states have ratified it). The EU's position is uncertain at this stage. The European Commission is assessing whether …

Cross Border Matrimonial Property and Assets

#CrossBorderFamilyAssets are often very difficult to deal with after a divorce or death. As individuals are increasingly mobile international couples (couples with same citizenship living abroad, couples of different citizenship living in the country of residence of one of the members, or couple of different citizenship living in a third country) need clear rules, Within the EU, Council Regulations (EU) 2016/1103 (applying to matrimonial property regimes) and (EU) 2016/1104 (applying to property consequences of registered partnerships) have attempted to give legal certainty to couples by providing conflict-of-law and jurisdiction rules in this respect. For cross border couples outside the EU, the situation is more complex and a case by case practical approach is required.

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