Thoughts – Are They No Longer Private Experiences?

The essence of who we are – we may refer to it with the overused term “consciousness” perhaps – or at the very least our persona and personality, are created through and contained in our thoughts and experiences. Thoughts and experiences which for the most part, until recent years, were private or shared with few select individuals. Most of us remember writing secret diaries while growing up.  Experiences were shared through private conversations, and for the most adventurous and articulate, books.  Now thoughts and experiences seem to be no longer relevant unless they are shared with the world, through blogs, through Facebook.

One step further, commercial profiling of our purchasing preferences is making even our intentions, preferences and objectives traceable.

The next step is going to be even more intrusive.  Brain scanners, it appears, are evolving and becoming more adept at being sold as consumer devices.  Consumer type scanners would enable all of us to display our own thoughts and access those of others who do the same.  Our thoughts may become visible, downloadable and open to the world.

New privacy issues need to be considered, as well as perhaps a new definition of boundaries as to where and how we will be able to retain some thoughts and experiences private.

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